Friday, May 20, 2011

The War through the Door

Now that there's more words on my page,

I've stepped into a fresh new age.

As one door opens, another door closes

I'm beginning to break out of my cage

I always do my best
I've almost fixed the mess
I try not to regress
I am VERY blessed
I'm tryna let go
of all this stress
Yet, nonetheless
They are still tryna test me

Though I have overcame fear,
there's still alot that I need
to go through here.

Not tryna waste my time,
But things are boutta rhyme
I'm tryna keep it all in flow
I gotta stay in line.

Yes, now it's time to represent
I know just what to say
I ain't gon' be bent
I'm almost 16.
Yes, I've got it.
I try not to be mean
Like others were sent
to this cruel, corrosive crazy world.

People look at me, "Why's she such a mean girl?"
No, I'm really not...
Why's that all that you now see?
Let me life my life.. you will get the best in me.
A handful of perplexities becoming more apart of me
And now it get s so hard to breath
But know that I must believe
I'm tryna fight the lies,
and conquer all the fights
I'm tryna be alive
I'm tryna see the lights

Yet in my heart, I know
wherever I go
It's the LORD's love for me that will show
and He'll open the door.
He will give me more.
I'll never hit the floor,
Cause he'll help me through my war . . . <3