Monday, May 30, 2011

My Dance Crew

If you don't already know, I really want to start up a dance crew this summer. I'll get into the kinks and problems and BS of the people who are in it so far later, but here's a few pictures of just the ideas I cooked up.

I was thinking of maybe having two dance crews within one. There could be the dance crew as a whole, but then within that, I could have the chicks vs. dicks so to speak.

For outfits, I would definitely want the crew to be colorful. Dry is out.

Gotta get with them formations. They are so tight.

Little stunts.

Frienship of course and tight place to take pictures


. . . and for the guys crew there could always be an exception when it comes to me :]

For the girls crew we'd need to be on point and freaking fabulous.

On point.  Fabulous.

Possibly crew as a whole. I know I'm going to start out with more people than I'm going to end up with, but hopefully I can dwindle it down to the best dancers.

Oh Yes. That would be me sitting there, as the captain of the crew.

Young Girl. Big Dreams.