Thursday, July 21, 2011


See now the dark side has passed over
my mind's no longer getting colder.

just reading your words
lightens up my heart.
you're the best masterpiece
a work of art <3.


7:49 AM

7:49 in the morning.
Ain't been asleep all weekend.
And your face is what's been on my mind.

I don't remember exactly how we connected.
i just know that i cannot seem to take it.
i'm already so sprung
so many times i've said i was done.

you don't even have to speak
yet you draw me closer to you...
it's just something 'bout you...

you're gonna have to get a restraining order
because i can't ever
thinking about you...
watch me go crazy
my mind's getting Hayezier
as i try to spell out my words

but its a fact
that the more i'm attracted
the further you go...
and you already know.

i'm just saying we could be something..
i mean something more than just a summer fling i'm just saying, i could be your new girl.
i'll blow away your world...

Friday, July 8, 2011


I sit here standing in the mirror.
And I'm just thinking to myself...

I wish my vision would get clearer...
I feel so apart from everybody else.

I feel delusional
And it's all in my heart.
The only one loosing
seeing is believing
I guess it's okay not to be okay

I'm being shoved in the dark.
And there's nobody moving
there's nobody proving
that's its good to stay who you are...
no... no, no.

I'm standing looking in the mirror...
And I'm thinking to myself.
Why is everyone else is so much dearer.
Might as well put my talents on the shelf.

I'm feelin' delusional.
It's broken my heart.
Seeing is believing
Ain't nobody proving
That it's okay not to be okay

Feel like a fool.
I'm caught in the dark.
There's not much I'm receiving
Seeing is believing
Who said to be just who you are...?

i'm just staring in the mirror.
And i realize i don't know myself...