Wednesday, March 30, 2011

End of the Quarter?

I've been so stressed out lately. This is why I hate the end of the quarter -__- it's like i think i've finally reached the point where i get to take a break from all this stress but it seems even more stressful the last week because teachers are trying to cram last minute tests, projects and assignments into the last few days. And then if that's not already bad enough, a lot of teachers just go ahead and shoot into work for the next quarter. There's almost no break whatsoever, and it really pisses me off. I think that's one reason I always end up getting really lazy towards the end of a quarter or semester, because i'm always expecting at least a slight break but that never comes and instead of a break, I get more work.

I hate school. I just hate it. There's so many inappropriate words I could use to describe it... I just can't wait till i graduate

Monday, March 28, 2011

K Starr

I am a Star .
And I am me.
A phenomenal woman
relentlessly <3 .

          I'm thinking of getting a new hairstyle. I'm not sure what it will look like or if I'm gonna dye my hair or get highlights. I just know I want something different. I'm just not patient enough for my hair to grow out. I mean, I could wait, maybe by senior year it could be down to my shoulders. But I'm not sure yet . . . I have to think about it. As usual. But I also want a new wardrobe. I actually cleaned out my closet the other day and found all these old clothes that I forgot I had. For the past two weeks, in school, people have been asking me if I went shopping or something, and I'm all like, "nigga, I've had this since the 7th grade -__- " But it's all good . I must be doing something right. Can't wait to get money and get paid . I'm on my way to stardom 

Friday, March 25, 2011

I've Got the Upper Hand

I don't want you to think I'm concieted,
although many times I really am
I just try to have self confidence
and be a real woman
I don't see the point
in hiding behind lies 
for me that's so impossible
I can't make good alibis
So anyways I try
to be a good girl
but at times that gets hard
there's so much sin in the world
People got problems with me
But I don't understand
It's things I can't see
My freedom is banned
So now I live a lie
wondering what to do
I don't know my self
therefore I can't stay true
Maybe I'll wait
Maybe this will pass
I might get past the test
I might pass the class
Learning lessons of life
Learning from the strife
Driving with hype,
Not being scared to be a live
Not sure who I am
But I'm sure I will stand
I will not fall
I've got the upper hand.

The Baddest Broad.

I don't even understand what people have against me
Or the reasons why people don't like me
all I ask for is constructive criticism
Choppin off the parts and pieces of things I see and like and take and steal so other people will like to deal with me rather than ignore
the important words I have to say
I want to tell you
I want to be known
You need to and should know my story
but I'm so blown. Because look at this. Look at me . . . now I'm almost nothing. I thought I was on top but it seems I'm burning
Down to the ground. A hole of pity and shame. All of a sudden, ain't nobody know my name.

Some other trick is gonna come and take my place. I can see it now
I'm barely even on the stage, almost seepin' into the crowd

I have to figure out what I'm gonna do because if I stop now that means
all the time will be wasted and I'll just have to find more time to waste
with things that don't make me as happy or cause just the opposite
I'm a free phenomenal women with too many talents.
Most of which need more developing so now you see
Its me that's the problem
The rest of them are ready
but that is why you don't talk to me
that is why they ask you for a female rep and Kiwi doesn't come into your mind
because I'm not good enough. Or just enough
But "I'm trying to be better than just good enough."
Because I'm tired of my spotlight fading.
I need to be the center of attention. I'll admit it now, no matter how shallow that seems
Just give me a few months. Let me lead this Queendom.
I swear I'll be the baddest broad out there .