Monday, March 28, 2011

K Starr

I am a Star .
And I am me.
A phenomenal woman
relentlessly <3 .

          I'm thinking of getting a new hairstyle. I'm not sure what it will look like or if I'm gonna dye my hair or get highlights. I just know I want something different. I'm just not patient enough for my hair to grow out. I mean, I could wait, maybe by senior year it could be down to my shoulders. But I'm not sure yet . . . I have to think about it. As usual. But I also want a new wardrobe. I actually cleaned out my closet the other day and found all these old clothes that I forgot I had. For the past two weeks, in school, people have been asking me if I went shopping or something, and I'm all like, "nigga, I've had this since the 7th grade -__- " But it's all good . I must be doing something right. Can't wait to get money and get paid . I'm on my way to stardom