Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Great Escape

This goes out to all the people in the bloody sufferings, the stains of lost love and emotions seems so overpowering You’re in a war full of battles tempting the demise of love. You’re waiting for redemption and the Savior to come from above. But, I must inform you that that ain’t all it took For me to open my eyes, scope around the place and look. It’s deeper than just wanting to know what comes next. It’s breaking down the walls and giving up your very best. It definitely ain’t as easy as it sounds, especially when you feel as if there’s no one else around. It's really not easy as it sounds especially when no one’s there. Like you’re the only person without a perfect life. It’s not fair. Just have faith. Realize and believe that the tree you planted once used to be a seed. This is for the ones who go through all the stress Of tryna love someone who only knows how to reject. It’s hard, yes I know— and you can tell me that I’m wrong. Just, realize that the constant trials help to make you strong. You’ve been looking for a way to find the Great Escape. And every time you cry, Ain’t no one there to wipe your eyes. Will this ever go away? Can you live your life? You’ve been lookin’ to escape the adversities and strife. And I know that things may not always turn out to be what they should be. But the only thing that matters is that I have hope and still believe That Karma still exists for all of human kind. It’s the people with the evil eyes that always end up blind. But that’s fine. Don’t worry about them. I know I was still a good person in the end. And always I tried my very best to strive For the fame, success, happiness and the good life. I am making ends meet, and I am staying strong, Though I sweat in the heat, I shan't be here very long. ‘Cause I’m free. I fly— Unbound from my chains. I’m crossing out the lists of “what ifs” and “never agains.” I am now a bird soaring in the sky. My dreams are now reality and so is living life. They said I wouldn’t make it, but see, look at where I am. I’ve helped so many people that they stick to me like plans. I have never gone astray from looking for the Great Escape. And every time I’ve cried, There was still hope in my eyes. Now this will never go away… For I have found the Great Escape. I can start living my life. That’s why today I fly… I have inherited royalty. I am a princess. Don’t care what your do or don’t believe. I do deserve this because yes, I have been through a lot. Despite your judging, quite loud selfish intervening thoughts… you don’t even know. I was lying to myself thinking I’d never find a friend, But I was faithful to the Lord even to the very end. And, the cons of what was meant to be can no longer envelope me because I know that I am free and yes I surely do believe… I have never gone astray from looking for the Great Escape. And every time I’ve cried, There was still hope in my eyes. Now this will never go away… For I have found the Great Escape. I can start living my life. That’s why today I fly… I know they said not to believe in me. I know they thought I’d end up just a sad young tragedy. But realize nothing is strangling or just tearing me. Forget the world and all the stupid animosity… that’s what that is. I spit first. Sometime I finish last. But I have passed the test in a course called, Life Class. That’s right, you wanna see what you’ve made of me. I am now a King I’m living out my dreams. Though the war has escalated more, I’ve got a stronger Core. I shall withstand all the storms. For, in these fragile bones lives my mighty throne, And in this strong heart lies a work of art. But I’ll never forget the time I had spent feeling sorry for myself and just about everyone else. I’m a million altercations made of colored cellophane. Put me on a clean slate, everybody knows my name… I remember looking for a place Where i could find a great escape. But it was all in my mind. Just had to leave some things behind. I was looking for a place Where I could find the Great Escape. But, it was all in my head. And now I’m conquering instead…

Saturday, September 17, 2011


I can't breath
his heart suffocates me
but in a good way
this is how i want it to stay

Sunday, September 4, 2011

A New Chapter.

But, at the end of the day
I must realize
that these here... are not my real eyes.

They are only a mask
I wear to cover up
the scars of hurt
confusion, and demise.

The earth below me
is dead and bare.
The wind never has blown
through my hair.

My life is surrounded
by pain and blame.
And it seems as if
I'm made of cellophane.
Nobody knows my name.

Yet I'm the one who get's replaced
Unnoticed, unseen... untraced.
Who cares about me?
Who cares what I'll be?
It's like I take 2 steps forward
and I step back 3.

Yes, sure my confidence has grown
and sure my cockiness has shown.
But either way I'm still trying to figure myself out...
and there's no doubt--

that one day I'll rise.
I'll rise into the sky.
I'll shoot down all my obstacles and my enemies will pass me by.

That's when I'll know,
how far I can go.
And how strong I really am..
And how tall I can really stand.... <3