Friday, December 21, 2012

My Academic Interests (NYU Supplement Question)

My greatest curiosity is what I have not yet risked. Exploring unknown territory and being able apply concepts from the past to our present go hand in hand. For example, at the Clive Davis School of Recorded Music, I was intrigued by a class where students had the chance to study the work of well-known preceding artists in a critical manner. Which is awesome. Why? Deep, creative, and analytic thinking has motivated me to achieve academic success. As I mentioned before, at NYU, I can use the city as my classroom. Not every answer is inside a textbook. I want to use my academic learning beyond the classroom to become even more cultured. My goal is to dive deep enough into a specific area of the music industry in order to breakthrough and change it. Change it how? I'm glad you asked. The music industry is very confining. It puts artists in a bubble. YOU are a rapper. YOU are a singer. YOU belong to country. YOU belong to hip hop. But who says people shouldn't be able to jump across genres? Why should we stay in our own bubbles? How else are we going to unite and encourage understanding across cultures? NYU's global network, and connections are all anyone needs to create that type change. I am steadfast in my belief that without having an open mind and an open heart, one can ever achieve true creativity. By the time I graduate from college, you will see a person who has thrived in an inner-city environment and projected change on a global scale.

Why NYU? (NYU Supplement Question)

NYU is not its own little bubble. I can walk outside and not just be part of NYU, but part of the world. It has always been in my lifelong goals to pursue an artistic education in New York. My mom, aunt, and cousin also attended NYU for their master's degrees, so to follow in the footsteps of people I look up to would be icing on the cake. New York City allows me to experience interaction with such a wide range of people from different cultures and ethnic backgrounds. I don't think I've ever been in a place that offers such a unique cultural mixing pot. New York will allow me to develop my performing arts skills and utilize learning experiences that I won't be able to find anywhere else.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

What Intrigues Me? (NYU Supplement Question)

So let me guess. You probably think it's simple. Some farmer somewhere just simply cultivates his crops and sells it to the grocery store who sells it to us, the consumers. Duh, right? False. Actually, there are huge monopolies and injustices tied to raw food production. Times have changed. Businesses have evolved. For better? For worse? Being a person who considers herself to have a kind heart, I find it intriguing: the lengths people have gone over time just for money. The film "Food, Inc." does a fine job at depicting what modern farmers must go through as they try to keep food on the table while being forced to corrupt the food itself. Things have been overlooked by the government, by companies, and even by ordinary people. However the industry has spun out of control to such an extent that no one has been able to stop it. One reason that this film was so significant to me is because I see a lot of parallels between the food market and the music industry. The media is also owned by a very small number of corporations who dominate everything that we digest on TV, in magazines, and on the radio. Many people don't realize what they are being sucked into. They think it's all just a matter of who's talented, when it's really a strategic game of "Who can fool the most consumers?" The real question is, who will rise to the scene and propel change for both of these industries? Well, you're reading the words of someone who's already on the mission.

Saturday, April 21, 2012


And I told myself, that I would never feel this way again, for loneliness just seems like such a dire sin. I'd like to think that I was just so comfortable with myself That there is no absolute need for anybody else. But I guess I was wrong... I really thought I was strong. Turns out I'm just weak As anybody could be. The colored glass that I used to hide behind Is faded. Now I feel blind. No direction. No place to go. When I prepare for sunshine, Down comes the snow. I hope it's not bad though. Maybe I can figure this out. Everything happens for a reason Without a doubt. But this isn't for me. The dream that I see, because clearly, I don't even have the means. I mean I could try, but has that gotten me high? No, I'm still stuck. And I haven't had much luck. Though I'm still grateful for all the things that I have achieved. It still makes me wonder... What the heck does God really have in store for me?

Friday, February 3, 2012


It's time to relax.
Forget all the bull.
It's time to chillax.
It's time for renewal.

Where this life will take me,
No... I'll never know.
It's just a matter of time
before the God shows me where to go...

But I'm scared to ask for his help
because for too long I've neglected Him.