Friday, December 21, 2012

My Academic Interests (NYU Supplement Question)

My greatest curiosity is what I have not yet risked. Exploring unknown territory and being able apply concepts from the past to our present go hand in hand. For example, at the Clive Davis School of Recorded Music, I was intrigued by a class where students had the chance to study the work of well-known preceding artists in a critical manner. Which is awesome. Why? Deep, creative, and analytic thinking has motivated me to achieve academic success. As I mentioned before, at NYU, I can use the city as my classroom. Not every answer is inside a textbook. I want to use my academic learning beyond the classroom to become even more cultured. My goal is to dive deep enough into a specific area of the music industry in order to breakthrough and change it. Change it how? I'm glad you asked. The music industry is very confining. It puts artists in a bubble. YOU are a rapper. YOU are a singer. YOU belong to country. YOU belong to hip hop. But who says people shouldn't be able to jump across genres? Why should we stay in our own bubbles? How else are we going to unite and encourage understanding across cultures? NYU's global network, and connections are all anyone needs to create that type change. I am steadfast in my belief that without having an open mind and an open heart, one can ever achieve true creativity. By the time I graduate from college, you will see a person who has thrived in an inner-city environment and projected change on a global scale.