Saturday, April 21, 2012


And I told myself, that I would never feel this way again, for loneliness just seems like such a dire sin. I'd like to think that I was just so comfortable with myself That there is no absolute need for anybody else. But I guess I was wrong... I really thought I was strong. Turns out I'm just weak As anybody could be. The colored glass that I used to hide behind Is faded. Now I feel blind. No direction. No place to go. When I prepare for sunshine, Down comes the snow. I hope it's not bad though. Maybe I can figure this out. Everything happens for a reason Without a doubt. But this isn't for me. The dream that I see, because clearly, I don't even have the means. I mean I could try, but has that gotten me high? No, I'm still stuck. And I haven't had much luck. Though I'm still grateful for all the things that I have achieved. It still makes me wonder... What the heck does God really have in store for me?