Saturday, June 18, 2011

Moment of Glory

I'm not sure if I'm turning non-social. And now even "social" is barely even a word.
I just feel so alone in a crowded place. My voice is rarely ever heard.
Yet, a handful of perplexities become more a part of me. And every time, I do believe it does affect my self esteem.
I'm just an extra body that they put on the line. But they don't know that I'm a ten, and they are a five.
Yet it seems like I'm more and more disliked. There's something inside of me that people feel like they have to fight. Well, whatever it is, it's hard to hide. I keep getting my confidence confused with my pride.
But, at least I've stopped lyin'. When I overcome a challenge it makes me feel like a lion. There is a beast that lives within, and I'm not sure whether or not I should let it win.
People laugh and they joke when they see the things I do. But no one really ever knows all that I've been through. The only way you could really know is if you listen to and analyze my songs.
But for many people, that takes way too long.

As for me, and my story? Well, I'm just waiting for my moment of glory.