Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Grammy's Substance Abuse Music Contest

      So I had some ideas for this music video, but I'm not sure if it's gonna be possible because it's most likely going to be really expensive. Either way, here's my ideas:
      After listening to the beat multiple times and coming up with moods and pictures in my head, I thought the video could start out really dark and surreal. I could be in goth makeup and my clothes would be all black except for one accessory on me that would be really bright or neon. 
    I'm in a dark-lit jail cell with all these guys who have been arrested for substance abuse. There are tons of them... rows and rows of cells and they're all locked up with sullen, confused, and ashamed faces. In the begnning of the song I start talking to them about what they did, how bad it was, and how it affected them and the people they loved.  
     Part of the beat does this weird swirly thing where it kind of gives you almost a high feeling. That could transition to a scene where I'm talking to the kids who are currently encouraging substance abuse, warning them not to do it, telling them how horrible it is for their bodies, telling them to live healthy, etc. Towards the end, it'll flash back to the jail cell, and I'll be showing the kids what will happen to them if they continue. 
      I was also thinking that the jail cell could also be a metaphor for how some people get addicted so much that it's almost as if their trapped and bound to certain drugs or unhealthy habits. 
     Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure my non-existent funds will not supply the making of this non-existent video -__- But it's worth the dream :]