Saturday, June 18, 2011

I Am.

I am.
Slowly suffocating.
Sinking into the ruins of what was and what used to be--
Used up to the halfway point but to the max.
Marching slowly through the downpour of sins
Waiting on Christ to rescue me from the familiarity of the unknown in which I stand.

At peace.
Not with myself but with the kinder more vivid creative creations of the world that seem to whirl me into a fantasy full of blogs and wonders of trees and nature and twizzlers and green.

The Unseen.
The unburied...
The pathways to which I started.
Shrinking yet growing bigger all at the same time. I haven't reached the line , but I've found an equilibrium to where those ends meet, because I will not be stuck in the same place forever.
It is this. I am unsure.
But I claim my doubts and accounts for what's really real.
All the creative yet gory ideas and imaginations I'd steal.
Because they're just that good. But, you know nothing of that neighborhood.

Be good or be good at it. Be automatic.
Race for the finish line. . . Against time.
Because in the end

It's all worth it.