Friday, April 22, 2011

Moment 4 Life

Its Lady Kiwi steppin' on the stage
This seems to be a realization age
I'm almost 16 and i'm still pretty clean
that's why there's not many words on my page

I try to do my best
i try to fix the mess
I try to pass the test
I want to be blessed
but it's so hard to progress
with all this stress,
yet, nonetheless,
it's my turn to impress them.

and cold bittersweetness of my mind
blocks my way to the path
if that makes sense
making me tense
and trace and pace the lines
between dreams and reality, slowing down my times

I guess now it's time to represent
Okay... what do I say? I'm not the president.
I'm just 15...
 OKAY ! I got it
I'm just realizing
that I'm a resident
Of this cruel, corrosive, crazy world.
People look at me ? "Oh! She's such a sweet girl!"
No i'm really not, but that's all ya seem to see.
Let me live my life. You will get the best in me.

Who's it to blame that I'm going insane
with the crazy idea of being able to reign?
what if i fall from the sky, like goodbye
like a teardrop in my eye. I don't wanna tell no lies.
Because I've lied. And that not only hurt
me but those who cared. That's why they ain't here
And that's why now I stare
Into the bright lights
something always seems to fight
something always seems to die
But it's time to revive